A major vision of SILE School is to develop students into world citizens who are innovative 

scientists, courageous artists, critical thinkers, engaging readers, incredible mathematicians, gifted writers, & community cultural builders!



​SILE is a school in great process of being established by 2021! 


It has been designed to restore culturally responsive education for our children to ensure their brilliance, genius, & talents are revealed at their highest level.


We will provide a comprehensive, respectful and community based learning with  focus on best practices and efficacy.

Our mission and intentions is to Honor the diverse cultures and experiences within the African-American Community.

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Instructional Video for you and your young scholar is coming up!

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Thank You GILEAD

for your substantial donation!

SILE and AFRE would like to thank all who showed support during our Black History Month Presentation to Gilead on Thursday , February 13, 2020. We raised a substantial amount that is moving the establishment of SILE forward! When we support innovation and leadership within our communities the possibilities are endless! Standing in truth and courage, on the shoulders of our ancestors, we salute and thank you!





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Did you miss our Virtual "Popsicle Catapult" S.T.E.A.M DAY?

Below is our instructional video and a list of materials to guide you and your scholar

in making "Popsicle Catapults"!

AFRE and SILE are Re-grouping!

Stay Tuned!


Hello, AFRE supporters and SILE families,


As most of you know, 3 years ago we embarked upon this journey together to reclaim excellence in the education of African American youth.  In that time, the Academy for Restorative Education (AFRE) has applied to the IRS for 501c3 Non-profit status, and works to raise funds in support of the School of Innovation, Leadership and Efficacy (SILE).. 


As with everything in the government, this process has been painfully long and slow.  While we await approval, fundraising has suffered. Not being recognized yet as a non-profit means we are limited in what grants and donors we have access to.  Limited funds have meant real challenges in our ability to produce the school we envision, as well as educational programming like our SILE Steam Days.


With this in mind, the founders of SILE have decided to halt our scheduled programming until the Fall 2020. At that time, factoring in if our non-profit status has been approved, we will re-evaluate our fundraising and programming trajectory. 


We are incredibly thankful for the support of our volunteers, donors, and community members. Much of our progress is attributed to those who have worked tirelessly and courageously in support of excellence in education.  We will use the time to plan and strategize ways to resurface better equipped to serve the needs of the community. We look forward to working with your children again when we restart our Saturday SILE Steam program and when the doors of the school open! 


Please follow us through our website, FB, Instagram, and Twitter for future updates and opportunities to support.


Together, we can build a safer environment for Black children to learn in. 




SILE Founders

We offer small fun & engaging S.T.E.A.M. workshops, on a Saturday, for your children to currently support their creative, academic, & cultural journey of being a young scholar!

S.T.E.A.M. Day 

is a fun day!

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For supporting our Juneteenth Freedom Fundraiser 2020!


Sucheta Salgaonkar

Linda Takimoto

Chris Roberts*

Courtney Smith

Abu Baker

Malique Micenheimer

Maurisha Aris

Sharonda Johnson

Taylor Totten

Sarah Caney

Tanefer Lumukanda

Leah Cho

Sheniqua Diaz

Raymond Jackson

Rodney Kearney*

Ashley Aaron

Herb Belton

Amira Jackmon

Sonya Reddick

Catherine Hardee-Elliott

Christie Goodie

Kitwana Tyhimba*

Muslimah Mohammed

Brenda Porter

Judy Young

SILE School Appreciates your donations!​


STEAM stands for Science Technology Engineering Art & Mathematics.



Brand New Launch Date!

SILE school has moved our launch date! Initially scheduled to open in the Fall of this year(2019), we have decided to give ourselves more time to get our financial position a lot stronger.

We are dedicated to bring affordable, outstanding education to the community and to do this well, we need more time to secure the robust funding our children deserve!

We will continue to bring you the excellent, culturally rich educational experiences you are accustomed to with SILE and will continue to look forward to.


SILE school will continue "SILE STEAM Days"!  We are also planning to begin Saturday school while we stay on course to open a full service school by the year 2021.


Look for us to provide your children with a great boost in their academic performance and confidence!

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Join Us!


We are committed to restoring stellar education that is culturally relevant to our young children entering primary grades! (Pre-K - 1st Grade)

We are slated to open Fall 2021!


"A school designed to restore

culturally responsive education for

our children to ensure their 


thrives and soars to its highest capabilities!"

SILE School



Our Mission

  • Providing a comprehensive, respectful and community based learning with  focus on best practices and efficacy.

  • Honoring the diverse cultures and experiences within the African-American Community.

Our Vision

  • Preparing students to be innovative change makers and critical thinkers working towards creating a just world.

Our Guiding Pillars

  • Create world citizens

  • Improve educational and economic opportunities for African American children

  • Focus on building community

  • Ensuring social, environmental, & cultural justice

What Is Success To Us?

  • ​​Intrinsic motivation
  • Adaptabiltity

  • Resilience
  • Knowledge seeking
  • Compassion
  • Financial Literacy
  • Responsibility for the community

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SILE School

Opens Fall 2021